Business SIM Only

Business SIM Only contracts

The mobile phone is constantly changing to meet the demands of the consumer.  Within the business world, mobile phones are becoming more essential than ever.  There has been new developments in the kinds of deals available that merge these concerns into one solution.  Business SIM only deals are that solution.

The way a business communicates has always been a primary factor in whether it has success or not.  Effective customer service and providing lines of communication between the management and employees are 2 ways this directly effects a business’ profitability.

This is why there was always an unspoken of need for Business SIM only deals.  Now you may have heard of SIM only deals before, but if you haven’t I will break the principles behind them down and also explain how Business SIM only deals are fast becoming the best option for businesses looking to have a mobile phone service.

In the past, if you wanted a mobile phone, for business or personal use, there was just 2 options available.  You could choose a contract with monthly payments, by ordering a specific handset at a reduced price or for free with a specific mobile network provider.  This was good if you wanted a handset that had a rather pricey retail value, but did mean you had monthly payments for up to 24 months.  In the end your free handset would cost you more than if you had bought the thing outright.

The other option was PAYG.  You would buy a mobile handset that came with a particular networks SIM card and then you could pay for your service as you used it, and therefore wouldn’t have to pay if you didn’t use your phone.  The biggest drawback of this is that many people and businesses can’t afford to buy the handsets outright and there may only be a particular line of handsets available in a PAYG phone deal.

Enter the SIM only deals, and business SIM only deals, into the mix.  This is the best of both worlds.  All the freedom and flexibility and savings of a PAYG deal, with the wide variety of services and benefits of a contract phone.  Available by simply buying the particular handset you wanted and ordering a SIM card separately.

With a normal contract you are stuck in that contract until the end.  With business SIM only deals you have the option to have a minimum of 30 days contracts each time, every time.  Meaning you are always able after a month’s time to change to a different company.

SIM only for businesses also gives you a less expensive deal overall.  Contract deals are notorious for seeming better than they are in actuality.  If you have a contract, you may get a free handset, but the cost of the monthly payments usually works out much more than the retail price and service cost for running a phone on a SIM only deal, even having to pay the full retail price.  With SIM only contracts you no longer have to change handset if you change provider.

If you think you might lose out on the range of benefits and services that companies offer their contract customers, then think again.  Most of these are available to SIM Only deals customers too.  The addition of Business SIM only deals, means that companies are fully meeting the needs of their customers, both business and personal ones.

The fact that the industry leaders are all jumping on the bandwagon suggests that Business SIM only deals are here to stay.  Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and O2 all offer Business SIM only contracts and although 3 do not have specific deals like this, their SIM only deals are attractive enough for businesses to consider.  If you have a company always interested in the needs of your clients or customers and employees, then one way to further this is by having SIM only deals for your mobile phone requirements.


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