SIM Only deals

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SIM only deals

Nowadays the trend in the mobile phone contracts is fast changing, with the increasing popularity of SIM only deals. In the past, people used to buy the whole packages provided by the Mobile phone networks including a ‘free’ cell phone with the package. This outwardly seems a very customer-friendly and non-expensive package as a free cell phone is given with the package. But it restricts the buyer to stay committed to the same network provider for terms as long as 18 months, paying monthly charges. Such an offer becomes boring and costly in the long run as the needs of the person change with time and different months of year. For instance, a person A, who is a student, may require a package having unlimited text messages and 100 minutes per month during normal months but in his vacations, he may want a lot more minutes to stay connected to his mates. This kind of changes in needs and moods of people pushed the network providers to introduce SIM only deals.

What are SIM only deals?

They are different packages provided by various mobile networks. The deals are much cheaper than the normal deals and cost as low as £20/ month. The best thing about SIM only deals is that you can choose among a range of deals depending upon your needs and the money you want to invest. And you can change your deals on a monthly basis, which means you are only committed to the same deal for a month only. It does not require you to change your mobile phone number and handset every time you change your SIM only deal, unlike normal deals. You are just given a SIM which you can insert in your phone and use. One thing noteworthy is that if you are using a mobile phone you were given with a normal deal then you first need to get it unlocked before it starts working with the SIMs given in SIM only deals.

There is a whole wide range of SIM only deals to select from and very renowned companies like Blackberry, Apple, Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile are involved in this business. This leaves us with a wide panorama of deals, making it a bit of an effort to choose a SIM only deal which is suitable to our needs. It is because the cheapest deals are not necessarily deals you would want. You have to see all the aspects of the deals to choose the best deal. To make the selection easy, a number of websites are available on internet which provide information about all latest SIM only deals available in the market at the same place and let us compare these deals to choose the best deals that meet our needs. These websites also provide the lists of these SIM only deals in order of their cost as well as popularity, which makes it a very easy and less time-consuming task to choose a perfect SIM only deal for buyers.


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